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My top tips to keep your skin looking great this winter ...

The coldness outside linked with heating inside can cause havoc to your skin, especially if you already have sensitised skin or

a skin type prone to dryness or dehydration...

One of my top tips is to make sure you apply a serum morning and evening to your face under your moisturiser or facial oil, this will help to nourish the skin at a deeper level. I particularly like the Botanicals radiance serum as this contains avocado oil and being oil based rather than water it will be more likely to help the skin retain its moisture. 

In the evenings to really give your skin an extra treat try using a facial oil with natural plant oils, chemical based products are more likely to irritate sensitive winter skin that is more likely to suffer flare ups in the cold. So natural plant based oils will help keep any redness and irritation to a minimum. If your skin is particularly dry the Botanicals nourish face balm at night is amazing- it tackles dry flakey skin better than any product I know! 

Also exfoliating at least once a week is a must, as dead skin cells will build up on the surface of the skin making it feel and look dull and drier. This dead skin can also create a barrier against any nourishing products you apply, making all those lovely serums and creams redundant! 

Consider having a Humidifier at home, especially useful in the bedroom, as environmental factors such as heating will dry the skin out. A cool tip is to add a couple of drops of your favourite aromatherapy essential oil into your humidifier for the added aromatherapy health benefit and scent!   

No excuses to not have dewy, hydrated skin all year around now! X 

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