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New Wellness Treatment... Forest Bathing?!

I have recently learnt that the new trend to wellness spas is the art of forest bathing. Traditionally a Japanese method called 'Shinrin-yoku ’.

 The belief is that by being in the 

woods you can reconnect with nature, easing stress, strengthening the immune system and lifting your mood. 

The therapy combines guided meditation and hiking through the forest, not a dip in a forest pond as I'd imagined!

There have even been studies that proved that by breathing in the volatile essential oils from surrounding trees the active components have the same effect as treating the body with aromatherapy essential oils to boost the immune system. 

I think it's yet another one of the stress-easing techniques coming over from Japan to teach

us all to be a little kinder to our bodies. . . I can almost smell the essential oils of pine and eucalyptus, both perfect for giving the body and mind an uplift! 

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