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Glowing beautiful bridal skin

Sarah Santa Cruz | Mobile Holistic Beauty Treatments Mallorca | SPA treatments designed for wedding events

This wedding season I have been fortunate to work with some lovely, lovely brides and it is so nice to help contribute to their special day.

The one thing I am asked time and again is to help achieve that dewy natural glow for the wedding day, all brides want to look their very naturally beautiful selves. Also the weeks leading up to the wedding can course lots of emotions and adrenaline, this combined with a few sleepless nights which can sometimes cause havoc with the skin.

So I find to have a Holistic Radiance Boosting Facial the perfect antidote. I include plenty of massage to help to relax the facial features, increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, and a special lifting massage to tone and lift the contours. This combined with a cocktail of skin feeding organic balms, serums and oils and a special brightening mask provides the perfect dewy skin.

Within the treatment I also use reflexology techniques to help to rebalance the adrenals, calming and relaxing the systems so the bride is feeling calm, cool and collected and ready to enjoy her special day, looking and feeling gorgeous!

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