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Multi-Masking... Multi-Tasking!

Seemingly a current trend... however Multi-Masking has been one of my favorite ways to truly personalise a facial !

Generally most people find different areas of their skin have different concerns, commonly oiler in one area, dry or more sensitive in others. I love using masks, as in a short time you can really boost the skin and give extra attention to areas that need a bit more tlc.

My favorite masks for this are the Botanicals Balancing Detox mask, perfect for hormonal breakouts without over drying the skin; and Botanicals Revitalizing Renewal mask, great for nourishing and anti aging. I also add Aloe Vera on dehydrated/sensitive areas or manuka honey to inflamed areas or scaring.

Also a COOL SPA TIP: freeze your used green bags, and while your lying there with your multi-masks on for 10 mins to let them activate, place the cold tea bags over your eyes for instant de-puffing!

Multi-Masking... Multi-Tasking!

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