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My Favourite Spotify Chill Out Tunes

For me the music that accompanies relaxing treatments is so important as it sets an ambience and plays an active role in relaxation...

In the amazing book by Masaru Emoto ‘The Hidden Messages In Water’ he explores how the vibrational quality of soothing music affects the body.

The human body is about 65% water, this corresponds to the vibrations from the music.

Masarus’ tests show that heavy metal music has a completely different effect on fluids, ie. much less relaxing! It's a very interesting read, I can thoroughly recommend it plus the photos that show water crystals are fascinating!

Today I am sharing my favourite artists and tracks I like to include in my own Spotify chill out playlist...

Bliss ‘Evening sun’

Bliss ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’

Clannad ‘Caisean Oir’

Flipside ‘Unwind’

Vargo ‘ Back to serenity’

Sine ‘Wolke 7’

Snatam ‘Guru Ram Das Chant’

Ennio Morricone ‘Morricone: Chi Mai’

Erick Satie ‘3 Gymnopedies’

And the best thing is... not a panpipe of whale chant in sight! ;-)

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