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My drink addiction. It´s green and healthy but yummy too!

Organic Avocados in Mallorca

Recently on a trip to Sri Lanka I tried an avocado with soya milk juice and I am so hooked I want to spread the word. I am renaming it the anti-aging skin juice!

One of natures best foods for beautiful skin, avocado contains many free-radical compounds that help prevent your skin from environmental damage - apparently Mick Jagger eats one a day!

Avocados also contain vitamin C and E which are particularly good to firm and regenerate the skin. Soya milk contains proteins that are needed in the skin to maintain collagen and also helps to keep skin hydrated.

To make a juice for two people simply blend one avocado with two cups of soya milk and serve cold - If you use a Nutribullet it makes it lovely and smooth. It's surprisingly sweet and yummy and treats your skin from the inside out, bonus!

Avocado juice in Mallorca
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