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Do you know the Body Control Pilates Method?

Here I am practicing Pilates on top of mini Adams Peak in Sri Lanka!

I first experienced Body Control Pilates in a little village hall in Surrey fifteen years ago and have been hooked ever since!

Having tried many different techniques of Pilates nothing quite compares to Body Control. The way it is taught really ensures you get the best out of every movement and really understand what it is and why you are doing each exercise.

It doesn't feel like it's just one of those classes where you watch the teacher having a workout while you copy them. The teacher constantly walks around the room watching and helping you to get correct alignment and technique. Even after just a few weeks you feel your movement patterns changing, a sense of strength in your core and a sense of lengthening in your spine.

There is also the challenge of building up to more advanced exercises which means there is this sense of constantly improving.

Many of my clients' main concerns are postural problems which often cause discomfort and I find the combination of Pilates and Massage perfectly complementary, what can I say I'm hooked for life!

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