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Give yourself a little TLC... 3 minute face massage a day keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Sarah from Mallorca gives you advice for anti-aging facial massage

All of my clients know that I am a total Facial Massage buff. There has been a lot more awareness in the last couple of years about how facial massage is great for the skin and a lot more skin tools and facial oils available to compliment this.

My personal favourite is the ancient chinese technique ‘gua sha’, a jade stone carved perfectly to fit the contours of the face. The Gua sha massage stimulates the circulation, decreases muscle contractions smoothing the face and aids to lift sagging skin. It also helps to aid the penetration of oils and creams. Jade has properties to cool and calm the skin, increasing circulation and is particularly effective for treatment puffiness under the eyes. I tend to use this technique in most of my facial’s as it is so effective.

The technique can be a little complicated to master on yourself, so I tend to give my clients homework of massaging their own skin with their fingertips for 3 minutes every evening as they apply their night creams or oils. This not only helps the actives of the products to penetrate more effectively into the skin but it also helps to give the skin a boost, keeping those wrinkles at bay. Always start in the centre of the face and work outwards towards the ears, using diagonal strokes upwards, this will help to stimulate lymphatic drainage in the skin. Also a gentle tapping with the fingertips all over the face will help to boost circulation. The calming effect massage has means you´ll get a brilliant nights sleep after your little evening ritual too- bonus!

Book yourself a facial today and keep those wrinkles at bay !

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