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Private Pilates classes completely tailored to you in the convenience of your own home, hotel or retreat! 

Private Pilates Classes in Mallorca with Sarah Santa Cruz


For me Joseph Pilates is an inspiration...During the First World War he was interned in a camp for German nationals in the UK and took the opportunity to refine his exercise regime. He practised his new techniques on the those confined to the camp who had limited chances and knowledge of exercise and movement.

The most amazing thing is that when a huge influenza broke out, many people did not survive, however none of the students practising the Pilates method were taken ill, amazing!

He refined his method over the years and famously built his fitness empire in NYC with his wife Clara gaining a huge following including dancers, sportsmen and celebrities.

Joseph Pilates created an exercise system to balance the mind, body and spirit using influences of boxing, skiing and yoga. 


I am passionate about people taking good care of their spines, joints and postural alignment.

Never has a time been more important than now, with so much time spent ´haunched over` whether it is on the computer, smartphone or driving. I feel like practising Pilates is imperative to keep us all moving confidently and with the least tension and pain as possible.

There are so many positive benefits of Pilates such as strengthening the centre support muscles of the body which have a key role in the health of your back, hips and pelvis, creating more efficient movement patterns. The breath work we do in class aids the mind and body connection, increases circulation and calms the nervous system. Not forgetting the key role of balance work that's vital as we age and the pelvic floor is also strengthened with safe effective exercises ideal pre and post pregnancy. 

Classes are personalised one to one or small groups, to ensure that you receive my undivided attention, ensuring the technique, alignment and execution of exercises are the best they can be.

I am a certified teacher of Body Control Pilates, the World leading education provider for Pilates teachers and also specialise in pre and post natal pregnancy Pilates and Pilates for Osteoporosis. 

Classes are mat based and with small equipment such as stretch band and balls. All equipment is provided to your class.  

"You only have one body let me help you take care of it ...."



 1:1 Class ⎪  70 €

  Duet Class ⎪  35 € pp

  Group of three ⎪  25 € pp

  Small group class Max 6 people  ⎪  15 € pp



Sarah Santa Cruz | Private Pilates Teacher in Mallorca
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