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Also known as 'golden milk', turmeric latte is both yummy and good for your health and as someone said to me the other day, it smells like 'India in a cup' -.by that I mean all the good smells in India 😂
i.e. coconut! 

Turmeric lattes contain lots of coconut, turmeric...

Many moons ago I trained in the art of Ayurvedic Indian head massage and it was super popular with my clients at the time. Fast forward 15 years later and after years of working for spas and clinics which didn't include it on the treatment list, this yummy treatment is...

You can now buy pillowcases which are infused with copper ions, giving an anti-ageing addition to your beauty sleep. The cases are designed by scientists that have created special fabrics which have been infused with copper oxide fibres.

How does copper help aid the sk...

Originally just used to treat warts and verrucas, liquid nitrogen is now being used as an anti-age treatment. The facial is called cryotherapy and uses subzero skin rejuvenation technology.

A controlled beam of liquid nitrogen is used over the face, the principle being...

Known as the modernodern day version of Epson salt bathing, the Himalayan salt comes from mines deep within the mountains that crystallised over 250 million years ago!

The most popular used being the pink Himalayan salt that can be found to have around 84 nourishing min...

I keep seeing posts on social media of people lying in beautiful spas with, what looks like drips in their arms, thankfully they are not unwell, they are receiving IV vitamin Therapy.

The Intravenous drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into th...

Turmeric has recently become the super trendy health and beauty nutritional supplement, but do you know why?
Used in India for thousands of years, turmeric's yellow 'curcurmin' compounds have massive anti-inflammatory effects and also make turmeric a huge antioxidant.

I use the facial rollers as a compliment to massage during facials as they help to aid lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, especially under the eye area, increase circulation and also has a toning effect to the skin.
The Chinese have been facial rolling with gemston...

The new wellness trend this summer is watermelon water, it makes a beautiful bright pink and refreshing drink.

Watermelons are 96 % water so obviously a good way of hydrating the body and a tasty alternative to water.

They have also been found to contain an amino acid w...

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