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Mobile Holistic Beauty Treatments and Body Control ® Pilates Classes in Mallorca. Spain

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For me the music that accompanies relaxing treatments is so important as it sets an ambience and plays an active role in relaxation...

In the amazing book by Masaru Emoto ‘The Hidden Messages In Water’ he explores how the vibrational quality of soothing music affec...

Whenever I feel sluggish, or that I have over indulged on the vino and comfort foods, I make my body boosting broth.


I am always amazed at how much more energy it gives you the next day... a truly good example of  'you are what you eat' !


Bone broths contain many...

I am really excited to introduce my new RITUAL TREATMENTS to my services on offer.


The Rituals are two hour treatment packages that I have designed for those wishing to have a combination of treatments that work in synergy together.


After many years of working within s...

I think I have the best job in the world!

I really do love visiting houses in Deia to do treatments. Where else can you do your job breathing in the fresh mountain air with views to the Mediterranean Sea, olive groves and beautiful infinity pools?!

I set out the massage...

I first experienced Body Control Pilates in a little village hall in Surrey fifteen years ago and have been hooked ever since!


Having tried many different techniques of Pilates nothing quite compares to Body Control. The way it is taught really ensures you get the best...

All of my clients know that I am a total Facial Massage buff. There has been a lot more awareness in the last couple of years about how facial massage is great for the skin and a lot more skin tools and facial oils available to compliment this.


My personal favourite is...

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