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Mobile Holistic Beauty Treatments and Body Control ® Pilates Classes in Mallorca. Spain

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This wedding season I have been fortunate to work with some lovely, lovely brides and it is so nice to help contribute to their special day.

The one thing I am asked time and again is to help achieve that dewy natural glow for the wedding day, all brides want to look th...

My love affair with geranium oil started when I was in my first job. Mary used  to come in every week for her aromatherapy massage with me.

I used to start my consultation as usual checking how she felt, wanted to feel during and after her treatment. No matter wha...

Seemingly a current trend...  however Multi-Masking has been one of my favorite ways to truly personalise a facial !

Generally most people find different areas of their skin have different concerns, commonly oiler in one area, dry or more sensitive in others. I lov...

I have recently taken on the brand Botanicals Organic and I am very impressed with their products.


A special mention goes to the Rose and Camellia cleansing melt. After just one application the skin already looks calmer.


The product contains virgin coconut oil, green...

Whenever I feel sluggish, or that I have over indulged on the vino and comfort foods, I make my body boosting broth.


I am always amazed at how much more energy it gives you the next day... a truly good example of  'you are what you eat' !


Bone broths contain many...

I am really excited to introduce my new RITUAL TREATMENTS to my services on offer.


The Rituals are two hour treatment packages that I have designed for those wishing to have a combination of treatments that work in synergy together.


After many years of working within s...

All of my clients know that I am a total Facial Massage buff. There has been a lot more awareness in the last couple of years about how facial massage is great for the skin and a lot more skin tools and facial oils available to compliment this.


My personal favourite is...

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